Video marketing

WickedStylish understands film making and combines this knowledge with the digital age to create video marketing, video ads, and storytelling. From scripting and storyboarding to final production, WickedStylish works as a partner to ensure that the best projects are executed and delivered. WickedStylish’s video services include online videos, Facebook videos, app videos, and many more.

We focus on two elements when creating videos including key persona and key audience. This combination ensures strong performing videos for their clients. Our aim is to create humanized videos to educate customers, empower brands, and market products.

WickedStylish simply knows how video marketing works and how it should be delivered to consumers across various platforms including Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook. We pride ourselves in consistently showing exceptional results for the brands we work with. Whether it’s increasing demand generation, creating new campaigns or using video to drive conversions, WickedStylish is ready to take your business to the next level.




Our video creation process consists of 4 major steps: creation and conception of ideas, production of content, post-production, and distribution of content. A combination of these steps has led to success with businesses ranging from start-ups to publicly traded companies.

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